Teleport Blocks (1.1)

This Mod adds Teleport Blocks to your server.

Following privileges are added:

  • use_tpblock: Allows the user/group to use the teleport functions of teleport blocks
  • set_tptarget: Allows the user/group to set the target positions for teleport blocks
  • get_tpblocks: Allows the user/group to get all teleport blocks available with the command “/get_tpblocks”
  • delete_tpblocks: Allows the user/group to delete single Teleport Blocks
  • delete_all_tpblocks: Allows the user/group to delete all Teleport Blocks at once (useful if BlockIDs shall be changed)


  • uses Block IDs 245 to 254 (default, can be easily adjusted)
  • Incompatible with PermissionBlock Mod

More detailed information about how to use this Mod can be found in the included README.

Teleport Blocks Mod 1.1

Teleport Blocks Mod


Version 1.1 (2013-11-26)

+ Added a check for empty names when adding locations

* Reworked internal structures.
* Fixed people being teleported to 0,0,0 under certain conditions.
* Introduced new save system. All Locations are now stored in “UserData\TeleportBlocks.txt”
NOTE: If the file the Teleport Blocks are stored in gets corupted it will be automatically deleted.

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