Swichable Lights (1.1)

This Mod adds a new light block to the game that can be toggled on and off.
-> To be able to toggle lights the player must have the privilege “toggle”.

Additionally there is a command “/toggle_all [0/1]” that switches all lights on the map.
-> To be able to use this command the player must have the “toggle_all” privilege.

Update 20.02.2013: – Version 1.1
– Fixes a bug that caused to send any player not having the “toggle” privilege a error message, when using any block.
– Adds a crafting recipe for light blocks.

Installation instructions can be found in README.txt.

Switchable Lights Mod 1.1

Adds switchable Light blocks to your server


  • Rob says:

    hi, you helped me recently with the switchable lights mod.

    i think im doing something wrong again, i cant seem to work out how to toggle all the blocks at once and ive placed a LOT of them now.

    can you give me instruction on how to set it up and what to press to turn them on and off

    thank you

    • croxxx says:

      Hi Rob!

      It’s quite easy to do this.
      I have realized that function as a command.
      Simply type this into chat: /toggle_all 0/1 (depending on whether you want to turn them on or off)
      You will need the corresponding privilege as stated in the README file.

      Hope I could help you 🙂