Sounds (1.0)

This mod allows ingame playback of any given .ogg sound file (no pausing or stopping, so mind the length).

For copyright reasons no sounds are included but you can simply make your own:

  • Look for a sound you’d like.
  • Convert it to .ogg
  • Copy it to “data\public\sounds” (It shouldn’t be too big as every file increases loading time for your clients)
  • Add a new entry to “soundlist.txt” in the same directory. Make sure that you use the full filename without extension (NOT the full path).
  • You can reload the soundlist while server is running using the commands “/sound reload” or “/s reload“.
    You can then playback any newly added sounds, but just players that joined AFTER you copied the .ogg file will be able to hear it. Solved by a player rejoining.
  • To play a sound, use the command “/sound [name]” or “/s [name]
  • A list of all available sounds is displayed when “/soundlist” is entered
  • Playback requires “play_sounds” privilege. Reloading the soundlist requires “reload_soundlist” privilege.
  • A user must have Manic Digger sound enabled to be able to hear these.
  • A message “[user] played sound [name]” will be displayed everytime someone plays a sound.
    Every failed attempt to play a sound (no permission or wrong filename) is displayed on server console.

More info can be found in the included README file.
It’s also described there how to enable/disable global playback of sounds.

Please report any bugs you might find here so I can fix them.
Also be aware that a massive use of sounds probably will annoy people on your server 😉

Sounds Mod 1.0

Lets you play any .ogg sounds you upload to your public\sounds folder.

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