Server Utilities (1.1)

This Mod adds tons of commands useful for server administration.
I hope it’ll be of use for some of the server owners out there…


  • Teleport to players by ID
  • Pull players to your position (by name or by ID)
  • Countdown functionality
  • Display of available chat colors
  • Copy & Paste of areas of unlimited size (Use this at your own risk! If unsure, ask me how to use it!)
  • A vote system (finished/cancelled voted stored in a logfile)
  • Possibility to warn players (all warnings stored in a logfile)
  • Possibility to report players (all reports stored in a logfile)
  • Sending AFK and BTK messages
  • Display server uptime
  • A /me [message] command that outputs messages like: “<playername> [message]”
  • A command to get invisible to other players. Invisible players can see each other.
  • /mute command to mute cursing players
  • /spawn command to teleport to default spawn (if having pressed P acidentially, for example)
  • /su_reload reloads settings.txt at runtime – no need to restart


Version 1.1 (2013-11-19)

  • Added command to change the language at runtime (permanently)
  • Added command to change the notification options at runtime (permanently)
  • Added /version command to show version of the mod
  • Added function to mute players (effective until next restart or revoke)
  • Added function to spectate players. DO NOT USE – buggy on Client-side
  • Added command to teleport to default spawn
  • Added logging of all warned players in WarnedPlayersLog.txt – Includes time, names and reason
  • Added logging of all finished (and also cancelled) votes to VoteLog.txt
  • Added additional security check to /paste
  • Added chat prefix (all Mod messages are now prefixed with “[Protection] “)
  • Added possibility to reload settings at runtime using /su_reload
  • Fixed reported players not being saved when server restarts
  •   (now writes to file ReportedPlayers.txt and logs all reports ever made in ReportedPlayersLog.txt)
  • Fixed a typo in german translation
  • Fixed some general typos/wrong messages
  • Fixed incorrect console output on /paste

For more information on how to use the mod, read the included README file.
The needed privileges and a short description on how to use each command is in there, too.

The mod is fully localized in both german and english. Just make sure you select the language you need.

You need to change this mods configuration to fit your server setup.
You have 2 possibilities to do this:

Easy (recommended):
– Install the mod
– Start your server once. A file called settings.txt will be created in UserData\ServerUtilities.
– Edit settings.txt to fit your setup. An explanation of all options is included in the download as settings-example.txt

A bit more difficult (old way):
Change lines 91 to 100 to your personal server configuration
You can also change the mod’s language there.

Please report any bugs you find so I can fix them.
Suggestions for new features are welcome!

ServerUtilities Mod 1.1

Adds a lot of useful extra commands to your server.

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