ServerUtilities Mod 1.1

ServerUtilities Mod 1.1566 DownloadsAdds a lot of useful extra commands to your server. Download Now!

AutoAnnouncer Mod 1.0

AutoAnnouncer Mod 1.0544 DownloadsAnnounces any number of different messages in an interval specified by you. Download Now!

ChatHighlighter Mod 1.0

ChatHighlighter Mod 1.0549 DownloadsAutomatically highlights specified words in chat. Download Now!

Sounds Mod 1.0

Sounds Mod 1.0557 DownloadsLets you play any .ogg sounds you upload to your public\sounds folder. Download Now!

PlayerStats Mod 1.0

PlayerStats Mod 1.0533 DownloadsLets you show some statistics of the online players. Download Now!

TooManyColors Mod 1.0

TooManyColors Mod 1.0495 DownloadsAdds an insane amount of 216 (!) new blocks to your server. Please read the notes as this isn’t really stable. Download Now!

Locations Mod 1.2

Locations Mod 1.2519 DownloadsAdds Locations to your server Download Now!

Switchable Lights Mod 1.1

Switchable Lights Mod 1.1637 DownloadsAdds switchable Light blocks to your server Download Now!