Setting up a server (Windows)

Setting up a Manic Digger server on Windows is fairly easy.

  1. Make sure you have .NET Framework installed.
    If you are using a current operating system (Vista or higher) all you need for running a Manic Digger server is already installed out of the box.
  2. Download the Manic Digger Binary (You can grab the latest version here)
    What you want to download is the binary version of Manic Digger, not the installer. It is named like depending on which version is the latest.
  3. Extract the archive to a folder of your choice. You will later start the server from there.
  4. Navigate to the folder you extracted the files to. Run ManicDiggerServer.exe
  5. The server will ask you for some basic parameters on its first start. Enter everything as needed or use the defaults.
  6. Now that the server has created its configuration files it is ready for its first players.
    If you do not want to modify server settings any further, you’re done here. You probably want to tweak the configuration to your liking, though.
    To do so shut down the server by typing:


    The console window will close when the server has shut down.

  7. Navigate to the subfolder UserData\Configuration in there you will find the server configuration files.
    Editing the configuration files will not be explained here as it can easily get a little confusing if you’re just getting started.
  8. You can now start the server by running ManicDiggerServer.exe
    You will probably need some additional configuration for others to be able to join your server. Have a look at the note below for that.

And that’s it.


Important note:

If you’re behind a router with NAT (most people are) you will have to forward the port you specified in configuration for your server to be reachable.
If you don’t do this nobody will be able to join your server!
Servers that are not reachable for others are displayed with a little warning sign next to them in the ingame server list.


If you find any errors or have suggestions regarding this tutorial, feel free to post in the comments below.

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