Locations (1.2)

This Mod adds “Locations” to your server.
Every time a player enters such a location a message is displayed.
Example: You just arrived at [location name]

Locations Mod Screenshot


  • a user must have the privilege manage_locations to be able to add/delete locations.


  • This Mod just adds a new command, so it should work fine together with any other Mod

More detailed information about how to use this Mod can be found in the included README.
Don’t forget to set “languageCode” correctly in the Mod file.

Locations Mod 1.2

Adds Locations to your server



Version 1.2 (2013-11-26)

  • Added chat prefix (all Mod messages are now prefixed with “[Locations]”)
  • Added a check for empty names when adding locations
  • Introduced new save system. All Locations are now stored in “UserData\LocationList.txt”
  • Fixed some general typos/wrong messages

Version 1.1 (2013-04-14)

  • Fixed /locations clear (previously no privilege check!)
  • Default language changed to “EN”

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