Auto Announcer (1.0)

This mod adds automated announcements to your server.
It supports an unlimited number of announcements which are displayed in numerical order.

Announcement intervals can be given in minutes. Don’t spam your users, though. 😉
It also supports a welcome message displayed when a player connects (just visible to that player).

All required files are generated automatically as needed. You don’t need to create them on your own.
Just run the Mod once, then edit the files to fit your needs.
Please ensure to save your announcement text files as UTF8 when using non-ASCII-characters.

Announcements are loaded directly from the file each time they’re displayed – so no restart is necessary to edit them.
For more information about file organisation please read the included README.txt

Available commands (require the manage_announcements privilege):

/announcements help
Displays all available commands
/announcements on
Turns announcements on
/announcements off
Turns announcements off
/announcements welcome_on
Turns the welcome message on
/announcements welcome_off
Turns the welcome message off
/announcements count [number]
Sets the total number of announcements
/announcements interval [number]
Sets the announcement interval (in minutes)

Default values are:
– Announcements active
– Welcome message active
– 1 Announcement
– 20 minutes Interval

AutoAnnouncer Mod 1.0

Announces any number of different messages in an interval specified by you.

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